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Common Esperanto Phrases - (with sound files)
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The Esperanto Book (by Don HARLOW)
You can access background information about Esperanto from this document - A reply to some arguments against Esperanto

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The world at the tip of the tongue

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  • What is Esperanto, anyway?
  • Reasons to learn Esperanto or any planned language
  • Reasons to learn Esperanto first among planned languages

Window on the World -

People who say English is the dominant language in the world to-day are people who don't travel or people who travel for tourism or for standard business. You can get through the minimum in English, but once you get beyond the minimum, you're in trouble." John Ralston Saul The Ottawa Citizen, 13/3/2000

Author: David Poulson
(more than 80 articles on history of Esperanto)

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